"His speech had overtones not of thought, but of understanding beyond thought.” - Of Mice & Men

Better Serving Men.

Men are difficult to reach, less likely to seek resources, and more likely to have violence, substance use, and anger/emotional regulation issues. Men deserve better. Minds & Men uses science, media, and inspiration to provide workshops, lectures, and trainings to men and those who work with men.

Possible topics for workshops, lectures, or trainings:

  • Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Suicide and Mental Health Awareness

  • Substance Use Education

  • Men's Engagement and Marketing to Men

  • Improving Help/Resource-Seeking Behavior

  • Healthy and Authentic Masculinity

  • Men's Health and Well-Being

We work from a framework grounded in the scientific literature, then custom-tailor presentations, programming, or interventions to meet specific group needs. The Minds & Men intervention/programming model - LIFT - was developed from theory and research in psychology and men and masculinities studies.

Types of services may include:

Keynote presentation (< 1 hour) on topics related to men's health/well-being, masculinity, research and theory on the psychology of men and masculinities, motivation, happiness, and/or improving interventions, treatment, programming, and outreach to men.

The LIFT workshop (1-2 hour session or 4-hour half day) including a multi-media-infused presentation and discussions on men's health, well-being, and masculinities. Designed for either: a.) those who work with men or b.) groups of men. 

Customized training, workshops, or research and development (flexible). Whether it's improving marketing and outreach to men, program participation, treatment adherence, or something else, we can help. We design customized consulting services grounded in the belief that the best plans for improving the lives of men are founded in research, inspiration, and measurable outcomes.   

Contact Zach directly (below) to schedule a program and/or discuss options for speaking or training.

Watch the video for more on Zach's philosophy for improving how we work with men.

Consultant, speaker, and researcher, Zachary Gerdes, Ph.D. candidate, is the founder and director of Minds & Men. He uses psychological research, multi-media, and pop culture to educate and entertain men and women on masculinity, health, and well-being. He has worked with universities, high schools, fraternities, athletes, community organizations, hospitals, veterans, first-responders, forensic populations, and others. He publishes and presents research on men's health and well-being. He has 10 research articles and chapters published or in press. He has five other articles in preparation or under review and his first book underway. He has presented research and workshops across the U.S. for over a decade.

More about Zach's work is at his personal website. 



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"This is the best program my athletes have ever had that ties in masculinity, mental health, substance use, and sexual assault prevention. Every team in the nation should experience the LIFT program.” - Terry Bowden, Head Coach of University of Akron Football and former ABC Sports Broadcaster

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