"His speech had overtones not of thought, but of understanding beyond thought.” - Of Mice & Men

Better Minds. Better Men.

Using the science we know, we can become the men we should be. 

Archaic definitions of masculinity limit the potential of men. Men's strengths can be harnessed for health, but some aspects of the masculinity of our forefathers are having adverse effects on our well-being. Men aren't broken. But being better relies on our ability to move forward. By trimming the fat on the masculinity of generations past we can evolve towards our greatest potential. As men, we must rise up to be greater than the sum of media messages, society's stigmas, and outdated stereotypes.

MINDS & MEN is the website of Zachary Gerdes. He walks with men wanting to become their best selves and promotes cognitive strength, growth, and resilience through:

WRITING: national blog on psychology research and current events affecting men

CONSULTING: assisting organizations, students, teams, and fraternities to better serve men

COACHING: one-on-one resources for men who want to be their greatest selves

RECORDING (coming soon): the Minds & Men podcast and youtube channel

TOOLS (coming soon): further reading and resources for men to become better men

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